Rymble is an emotional Internet-connected object that brings social networks to the real world.

Rymble is beautifully social

A great design along with high-quality materials results in a beautiful object.

Rymble can connect to almost any Internet service using its embedded Wi-Fi module and the Symplio service platform. Current available services are:

  • Your social network through Facebook (Twitter coming soon): Rymble will reflect your social network activity and personal stuff (message, tagged, retweets, …).
  • Any topic or trend with a Facebook Fan page: get involved with you favorite Internet communities. Rymble will change its shape depending on ongoing activities on the page, community trends, official information, and much more.

Rymble is emotional

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Rymble will express emotions linked to your Internet life through:

  • Movement: rotating along its axis showing different parts of the skin, changing its external shape to communicate information and important events.
  • Colors: from basic colors to cycling rainbow to show relevant information or engage you in interactive activities.
  • Sounds: flying from the Internet to your Rymble to create a more immersive experience. Sound can be automatically deactivated during the night, or via configuration.

Rymble is personal

Rymble is about you and your life. You can make your Rymble personal:

  • Connecting it to your personal social network or your favorite topics.
  • Changing its external shape with community-designed skins to match any topic (read more about Example Skins).
  • Designing your own skin to make it your very personal piece of art (read more about how to Design your Rymble).

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